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Orca Vector Graphics Backend

By Martin Fouilleul — 2024-04-26
Orca provides a canvas API out of the box, which allows apps to draw 2D vector graphics, and also powers the rendering of the UI system. It is implemented by a WebGPU compute backend which I describe in this post.

April Update

By Martin Fouilleul — 2024-04-11
We’ve been flying under the radars for the past three months and just landed some big changes: a streamlined user tooling, a full wasm-compatible C standard library, and a new WebGPU vector graphics backend.

End of Year Recap

By Martin Fouilleul — 2023-12-27
I’ve been working on Orca for almost a full year, and since 2023 is wrapping up it’s as good a time as ever to do a recap of what happened!

License, Hosting and Sponsorship

By Martin Fouilleul — 2023-10-11
Here’s a couple non-technical updates about the Orca project. In short: we are adopting a more permissive license, we are moving the code repository to github, and you can now sponsor the development of Orca!

Jam Feedback

By Martin Fouilleul — 2023-10-09
A couple weeks ago we made Orca’s code accessible to the public. I’m sharing some feedback we received, including tooling issues that surfaced when people tried to build and use Orca, and how we intend to address them.

First Swim

By Martin Fouilleul — 2023-09-16
Here’s a short post for a big annoucement: we’re opening the Orca codebase! I want to extend a big thank you to the team of early contributors who made it possible: Ben Visness, Ilia Demianenko, and Reuben Dunnington.

Orca Architecture Preview

By Martin Fouilleul — 2023-08-01
We’re working hard on the Orca runtime, and while this is keeping us busy with code, I figured it shouldn’t make us silent either! So here’s a small update followed by a not so small overview of the runtime’s architecture.

Launching the Orca Initiative

By Martin Fouilleul — 2023-06-08
We’re booting up the Orca initiative, which aims to produce a unified platform and set of APIs to develop, distribute and run sandboxed graphical applications on a variety of operating systems.